Paul Garisto

Paul comes from a long line of musicians, including his uncle who composed jingles, his grandfather who was a session guitar and banjo player, and his father, a professional drummer. Paul's influenced by drummers such as Martin Chambers and Mitch Mitchell, who went beyond the standard role of timekeeper and actually played off of a song as if they were playing a melodic instrument. It was the Beatles that really made him want to play music.

Paul toured with The Furs for five years and played all over the world. After a few years of touring, they wrote and recorded the "Midnight to Midnight" album.

After seeing Paul perform with Steve Jones and Charlie Sexton Iggy Pop recruited him to play on the album "Instinct" and tour behind it. Working with Iggy was a dream come true for Paul. Every night was a different experience and he often reached new heights in performance with Iggy and his band:

"I didn't mess up or anything, but onstage with Iggy I sometimes forgot what I was doing, like I was transported someplace else. Iggy was completely unpredictable onstage and he sometimes appeared insane, but he was really a level-headed guy who was very disciplined and easy to get along with. But when he performed it was from the gut. It was the opposite of playing with The Furs."

Paul's experience though considerable, left him wanting a bigger hand in the music he was a part of.

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